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  • Should I join the Members Program or use full service?
    It depends on a few things, but is ultimately up to you. We feel that Members should be someone who knows what area they want, loves to browse homes online, attends a lot of open houses on their own (so they learn what they like and don't like), and ideally has bought a home before. Full service is great for someone who is a first-time home buyer, new to the area, wants to view a lot of homes, prefers to see homes in person instead of online, or needs help determining which area and/or which features they want in a home. The Members Program receives 2% cash back, so buyers are incentivized to choose Members Program, but we love our full service clients as well! We understand that everyone is different and has different needs.
  • Can I start as full service and then switch to the Members Program?
    We disclose everything up front and expect our clients to do the same. With that being said, we understand that situations change, so we do allow changes to be made back and forth. To protect our agents' time and interests, any client who starts as full service will not be able to buy a home under the Members Program for 60 days after the last full service showing. Clients who start out as Members and switch to full service can have their annual fee credited at closing, but showing fees are nonrefundable. There is no waiting period to switch from Members Program to full service.
  • Do you lend to non-investors?
    No, at this time we only offer short term loans that are ideal for for investors.

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